Welcome to our new website

Brightside is constantly growing and evolving. We are working with an increasingly diverse range of partners, using our expertise in online mentoring to connect ever more young people with inspirational role models, who help them to make confident and informed decisions about their future. Stretching right across England and Wales, these connections cross geographical and social barriers, giving the young people who need it most access to the knowledge and skills of dedicated mentors they might otherwise never come into contact with.

In consultation with our beneficiaries and their mentors, we have completely redeveloped our mentoring platform to deliver the digital experience they expect. We have seized opportunities to develop innovative new projects for white males from disadvantaged backgrounds, and we are working in more remote rural and coastal areas, targeting the groups and communities where government research shows the real need for our work lies.

We want our new brand and website to reflect these exciting changes and our strong reputation as a caring and committed charity, providing a high quality and professional service which makes a real difference to young people.

And of course please let us know what you think of the new website, and how it can be improved.