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Jasveen’s story

Programme - Access Ashurst

Year - 2022/23

Initially I was sceptical of mentoring. I thought it would be an additional stress to have the pressure of keeping up with a mentor alongside the stress that comes with the final year of school, but it was the complete opposite.  

 My mentor was one of the first people I would turn to for advice and help with anything that was on my mind and she was truly an incredible support system.  

Getting into university was my main priority, as is for many Year 13s and my mentor enabled me to exceed all my expectations in a way I did not think was possible.  

 My mentor’s experience was incredibly valuable when it came to applying for universities, sitting entrance exams and completing interviews. Knowing that she had been in my position before and succeeded was encouraging and motivated me to have faith and keep going because it was possible for me to reach my goals. 

 With the aid of my mentor, I had valuable insight into what to expect when it came to each stage of the application process, and I was able to receive feedback and guidance on my personal statement and more. Finding the balance between university applications alongside keeping up with schoolwork and revising was difficult, however my mentor shared her tips and experience making it much easier for me to adjust.  

Her help when it came to subject specific revision enabled me to work efficiently and effectively.  

Not only that, my mentor was a big supporter and she had faith in me. I truly would not have been as successful as I was with applying to universities and achieving the grades I did, had it not been for the help my mentor had given me. I was truly able to grow and develop not only as a student but as a person through the mentoring experience.  

It was heart-warming to hear that my mentor had nominated me for the dedication and commitment award at Brightside’s 20th anniversary awards. Coming to London was an amazing experience because it was so inspiring to see how so many different people and organisations are involved with Brightside and are committed to the cause.  

My involvement with Brightside was through Imperial College London as well as Ashurst, however it spanned way beyond what I could imagine. Brightside is one if not the most inclusive organisation that I have seen – ensuring that mentoring is not limited to one specific group but anyone.  

Coming into my mentoring journey, I did not know what to expect. However, Brightside showed me the immense benefits of mentoring. I went from being unsure and sceptical to now valuing mentoring, going on the journey to become a mentor myself as well as winning an award and joining an amazing network of people.  

 I truly would not change a thing about my journey and encourage anyone to get involved if they have the chance. 

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