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Tihesia’s story

Programme - Villiers Park: 20:20 STEM

Year - 2018

Current Role - Junior Doctor

10 years ago, I was doing a quiz on the NHS website about careers, and it signposted me to Brightside mentoring. Today, I’m a junior doctor!  

My journey with mentoring started when I was 16, and I was matched to a Brightside mentor who was a mental health nurse, as I was interested in psychiatry at the time. My mum was a waitress and my dad was a carpenter, so it was really useful to talk to someone in the medicine field when I was applying for medicine work experience.  

My mentor gave me quick, consistent replies and we built a great mentoring relationship so I nominated her for industry mentor of the year. Here’s a snippet of the nomination from 17-year-old me: 

"I left the project 110% sure that I want to do medicine and since then I have continued to work hard in school, I've developed the confidence to contact medical establishments and consequently gained two work experience placements. My mentor’s hard work and commitment to the project is evident in my attitude and in my accomplishments since talking to her. I'm very grateful that I was paired with her. For someone who has never met you and doesn't know your struggles or your background, to put their faith into you and truly be willing to help you is truly phenomenal." 

At the 2015 Brightside Mentoring Awards, me and my mentor were nominated as the best mentoring pair. At the awards, I got a chance to meet my mentor in person and thank her for everything. It felt like a full-circle moment! I got my mentor’s email but lost it – I really wanted to stay in touch!

Since this first experience, mentoring has become a been a big part of my life. I’ve mentored for Brightside, and I’ve continued to be mentored throughout uni and as a junior doctor.  

I believe it is crucial regardless of what stage in life you are in, as having someone to support and believe in you is really important.  

Mentoring is useful for everyone!  

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