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Tooba’s story

Programme - Get In, Get On

Year - 2013

Current Role - Senior Internal Auditor

You can achieve a lot in life if you find the right mentor.

My mentoring experience started in 2013, when I came across a leaflet in the careers department at school promoting the ‘Get In, Get On’ Brightside mentoring programme. I thought it looked interesting, so I signed up.

The programme lasted six weeks. To begin with, I was matched with a mentor, and it involved me completing certain modules in the accountancy sector which I would discuss with the mentor after completion. At the time, I was set on going to university and had gone through about 50 personal statement drafts to get into the University of Warwick!

After the programme ended, I reached out to Brightside to ask for further information about what being an accountant involves. I was put in contact with another mentor, Matt, who was a chartered accountant who was able to tell me more about life as an accountant and words of advice.

After learning more about the cost of university, and how I wouldn’t be able to take a student loan due to my religious beliefs, I started applying for an alternative route. I felt heartbroken, having received the acceptance to study Economics at the University of Warwick I made a choice not to go.

I started to look and came across an opportunity to win a scholarship to complete chartered accountancy. So, I reached out to Brightside again, and was paired with another mentor, Sarah. Sarah helped me to prepare for my apprenticeship interviews and I even won that scholarship for the London region!

Ten years later, I am working as a Senior Internal Auditor at one of the largest software companies in the world. In 2021, I volunteered as a mentor at Brightside so I could repay the amazing Brightside experience I had.

My mentees assumed I had gone to university, so I love that I can open their minds to more options like apprenticeships. I now go into schools to talk about the benefits of apprenticeships.

I believe that programmes like Brightside’s online mentoring make it easier for people to get support who do not have the support and advice readily available in their own social circles.

To think, if I never picked up that leaflet at school in 2013, I would never have been in touch with the mentors, never gotten the advice to prep for my interviews, and might not have this job now!

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