John Schofield Trust

John Schofield Trust aims to increase social mobility in the media by introducing sixth form students from disadvantaged areas to careers in the news industry.

John Schofield Trust uses Brightside mentoring to match Year 12 students with journalist mentors working for organisations such as BBC News, who helps them find out what the job is really like and provides advice about the best routes into the industry. The project also includes online activities to develop journalism skills and a Journalism Insight day of practical experience at one of the partner universities Falmouth, Nottingham Trent and Sheffield.

‘In working with Brightside we wanted to broaden the pool of talent entering UK newsrooms. The scheme has allowed us to target students who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to connect with someone in the media. Online mentoring has opened their eyes to the wide range of career opportunities available within the news industry. What is more, they realise that it is within their reach.’
Susannah Schofield, founder, John Schofield Trust

‘Online mentoring is really useful because as well as the knowledge you get from school you’ve got someone actually working in the industry who can give you advice. You don’t have to pick a time to meet them – if you think of a question you can just send it to them and they’ll answer it, which is a really helpful way of communicating’.
John Schofield Trust mentee

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