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Impact Report 2023

Impact Report 2023

We know online mentoring changes lives, and this report shows the rigorous evidence base we have for that claim.

This year’s analysis shows that:

  • Brightside mentees did 4.8 grades better in their GCSEs
  • They’re also twice as likely to enter higher education
  • They’re twice as likely to complete their degrees

Year on year, we build our understanding of the challenges young people face by analysing the conversations they have on our platform. Every day, we see how our volunteers support them to make confident and informed decisions.

This year, as well as proving the tangible impact we have at scale and telling the stories that sit behind those data points, we’ve been looking at our own approach to outcomes and we’re pleased to share that learning in this report.

Why choose Brightside?


of surveyed mentees felt that mentoring helped them feel optimistic about the future


of surveyed mentees indicated that Brightside mentoring influenced their decision-making


of Brightside mentees from the lowest participation postcodes access HE, compared to a national average of 30% from the same areas

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