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Meet Brightside’s new head of fundraising  

Meet Brightside’s new head of fundraising  

We caught up with Leanne Hubbard in her first month as Brightside’s head of fundraising to find out more about her plans.  

Why did you want to join Brightside? 

I was looking for a new challenge and Brightside ticked all the boxes; it’s an organisation I really believe in. I’m passionate about helping young people reach their full potential and want to make a difference.  

Have you worked in the charity sector before? 

I’ve been in the sector for 20 years now across various roles (all including an element of fundraising and engagement) predominantly in the social justice and disability sectors.  

I tend to work for charities that aren’t big names and I do that on purpose. I’ll always choose charities that aren’t household names because they’re often doing good work under the radar and I can use my skill set to make a real difference.  

Why is having an impact on young people important to you? 

First of all, from a personal perspective, I found growing up challenging. I was the first person in my family to take an academic route and go to university and I saved up by washing hair in a salon from the age of 14.  

Life is tough for young people. There’s no equality in this country in terms of what children receive and I want to change that. I’m one of those awful people who think they can break the cycle. People say to me, “Leanne, you can’t save everyone!” 

I’m a foster carer because I want to make a small difference to a big problem. We’ve looked after 18 children so far, some for just a week and some for much longer. It’s not easy but it is rewarding. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process and I think it’s made me a better person. Work-wise, it’s given me the skills to listen to young people’s voices and taught me how best to advocate for them. It’s basically made me a terrier: I don’t let people say no! 

What are your priorities as the new head of fundraising? 

To build on the amazing work Brightside has been doing for 20 years already! I want to highlight the amount of young people Brightside has supported. My role is to raise awareness of what we’re doing and to encourage people to join us on our journey and help make a real difference to the lives of young people.  

I’m really open to conversations and coffees (I’m Wiltshire based but happy to travel!) – here’s my LinkedIn if you want to get in touch.    

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