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Tahmina’s story

Tahmina’s story

If I had to describe my mentor in one word, I’d say amazing. She did the same A Levels as me so she also sent me her notes from Chemistry which were amazing; I’m still using them.

It turned out that we were both working on research projects at the same time, and she gave me a lot of tips on planning and time management. I couldn’t have started it without her!

She was also really fun to talk to; we had so much in common that we could recommend restaurants and Korean dramas to one another. It made it much easier to speak to her about the more difficult things because we had that foundation. A good connection allows you to speak more openly.

I have an older sister who’s similar to me, but my mentor was in the same position as me; she had the same uncertainty. I knew I could tell her anything and it would stay confidential. I could speak to her comfortably and I knew I could trust her.

It’s important for young people to have a mentor because there are so many more perspectives out there than the ones in your school. You can learn about apprenticeships and careers to help you make your decisions. I’ve saved some screenshots of the advice she gave me: she even reminded me to look after myself and not to work too hard!

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Mentee stories

Elisha’s story

My GCSEs were during the pandemic, so when it came to sit my A Levels, I hadn’t done exams before. It was really stressful. But thankfully, my Brightside mentor gave me lots of good advice. He was reassuring and told me to sit for a minute then do the best I could.  

Matas’s story

Online mentoring changed my life. I wouldn’t have been successful in getting my law apprenticeship if it hadn’t been for Gareth, my mentor.  

Divleen’s story

I’m now a total nerd about mentoring. I talk about it all the time! 

Caitlin’s story

My mentor was lovely; we bonded over our pets and that made me feel more connected to her. She made me feel calmer about applying via UCAS and the interviews process. It was so easy to talk to her because she’s not much older than me.

Aliza’s story

Mentoring was so important for me, especially during a lockdown where you only see the people you already know. You get to connect with someone you’d never speak to outside of school and that’s really important because it forces you out of your comfort zone.

Khadija’s story

From my perspective, the biggest challenge facing young people today is deciding what career path to go down. Between Year 8 and Year 10 I changed my mine five times; I wanted to be a detective, zoologist, chef, doctor and lawyer.