Working together: National Collaborative Outreach Programme and Brightside

Brightside is proud to be at the core of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme, working with 19 of the consortia to increase the number of young people from under-represented groups entering higher education. As part of NCOP, we are providing online mentoring right across England, on projects ranging from mentoring Year 10 white boys from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cumbria, to supporting sixth form students with their university applications in Essex.

NCOP has allowed us to build upon the expertise Brightside has gained delivering online mentoring projects over the past 15 years, in our strategies for engaging young people for example, or ensuring the best match between mentor and mentee. Yet we’re also learning new lessons, discovering new success factors and tackling new challenges as NCOP progresses, in areas like engaging with schools, working with multiple partners and adapting our mentoring to the needs of different groups.

We use this learning to constantly refine our projects so they deliver maximum impact. But we also believe that it’s important to disseminate this knowledge and best practice amongst all the organisations we are working with towards our shared goal of making sure all young people can fulfil their potential, regardless of background.

We have published this report which describes our approach to our NCOP projects, themes and challenges that have emerged, and our areas of focus for the future. In the spirit of sharing and collaboration which drives both NCOP and all Brightside’s work, we would love to hear any feedback you have which can help ensure the best possible outcomes for the young people we support.

Download the full report