Our Impact

In Britain, access to the best opportunities in life is often determined more by where a person grew up or what their parents do than what their talents are. That isn’t just damaging for individuals, but also the whole economy, which needs a diverse workforce with the right skills.

Government research shows that only one in nine children from low income backgrounds eventually get into the top jobs. We believe this inequality isn't inevitable. That's the very reason Brightside was formed in 2003. And it's what drives us to this day.



After education I would love to work in advertising or journalism but would ultimately love to be an author.  I think that the challenge really helped me to get my head around the stages and the next steps to getting onto this path, which was what I was really hoping to achieve at the beginning of this experience. I believe that Brightside helped me develop so many new skills and also let me experience a taste of school life in the future.