My mentor was friendly, kind, helpful and really inspiring. She really helped when I said I had an upcoming audition and she really helped with questions they may ask me or questions I should ask myself before any other auditions that I may have in the future. She also helped with work experience that I could do or things that may help my future career.


If you wish to pursue a career similar to your mentor’s then you’re essentially paired with someone who’s gone through what you are going to. There aren’t many people I’d rather discuss my career prospects with than my mentor as he understands not only how I’m feeling but what I need to do. Not only is it reassuring, it also ensures that I’m able to stay on track and know what’s required of me.


I received a lot of information about higher education and the different job opportunities it can lead to, and information about different universities and how to apply. The main benefit was knowing the information was coming from someone who is currently experiencing university life. They answered every question I had in lots of detail and explained everything I needed to know about different universities.


Thanks to my mentor, I have a new drive to succeed both personally and in terms of future career prospects. I now set myself goals which I once thought were impossible. I am now studying Law and Politics at University of Manchester, my first choice university. I credit this to the constant support and encouragement of my mentor and Brightside. My mentoring experience was invaluable.


Since the end of the mentoring I have completed college (getting A*AAB in my A-levels) and I am now a second year MPhys Physics with Astrophysics student at the University of Exeter. Mentoring helped me prepare for university by giving me someone to talk to who was doing a degree similar to what I wanted to pursue. I was able to ask about university life, the application process and any tips for college and A-levels.



After seeing how high achieving my mentor was, I declined the university offers I had and stayed on at sixth form to improve my grades and hopefully get into a Russell Group University. I have just completed an undergraduate Psychology degree at University of Manchester and will soon be moving to Amsterdam, to pursue a Masters in Organisational Psychology. If it wasn’t for my mentor, I would probably have gone to a different university, done a different degree and missed out on some amazing opportunities.



I was mentored by two amazing people on The Mullany Fund programme, one a junior doctor and another a medical student. Both of them were so helpful! Having the exposure to people in the area of science that interest me allowed me to ask questions and get suitable answers from people who have lived the experiences. My last mentor provided me with useful tips for my personal statement for university, which may have made the difference to me getting into my first choice university, Aberystwyth, to study biochemistry.


My mentor gave me calming advice addressing my anxiety about the level of academic studying throughout my A Levels. My mentor had obviously given a lot of thought and taken care to include as much information as she could when writing her messages. She was very honest about university life and very encouraging about what university life could offer. I would have struggled without this advice but am now at King’s College London, my first choice of university.



My mentor always came across as a real person, which meant I could be quite open with him. Online mentoring is so much less daunting than searching for answers on a university website, and you can ask questions about the pay for particular jobs or things like socialising, which you’d be embarrassed to ask at a university open day.


I am now studying a postgraduate degree in Medical and Molecular Biosciences. I was very nervous about going to university, as I was the first in my immediate family to do so, but my mentor really set my mind at ease about the whole experience. Mentoring showed me that I could do absolutely anything that I wanted, if I wanted to go to university, then I could. I think that if I hadn’t completed the scheme I probably wouldn’t be where I am now.