Dr. Annalisa Alexander, Head of Outreach, Imperial College

I would definitely recommend online mentoring with Brightside to other universities. We have been continuously impressed by the innovation, service, and most importantly the positive impact this scheme has had on our mentees. It is easy to use, easy to recruit for and is a complement to the other widening participation activities that we run.

Professor Tristram Hooley, Director of Research, Careers and Enterprise Company

Brightside are one of the leading careers organisations and they have always had a strong commitment to evidence and evaluation. It is really exciting to see them taking this to the next level with the publication of their Theory of Change.

Charley, mentee

The Brightside programme has really helped me because it has set realistic goals for me in what I can achieve and I feel confident and comfortable in being able to achieve this and more! In addition the programme has guided me to where I want to go in the future in terms of university and my future profession. This means I feel confident I will achieve the best I can with strong backing from the scheme.

Sarah, mentee

Your mentor’s advice is some of the best, unbiased and helpful advice you’ll ever receive. She helped me decide which course to pick and I’m really glad I am where I am today. I’m studying nursing at University of Glasgow and I’ve been in several hospitals learning the ropes. I can’t believe I’m already this far through the training. I’ve grown so much as a person since I started!’

Arizona, mentee

‘My mentor listened really well, she’s brought up some good points, she’s helped me achieve my goals and at the end of the day she’s been a really nice genuine person.’

Tihesia, mentee

‘I wanted to do medicine but I didn’t know whether I was capable of doing it, and I think hearing it from someone who’s been around people who are wanting to do what I want to do, and who’s in the same profession that I want to do, hearing it from someone like that was really helpful and really encouraged me to just go for it.’

Jenny, mentee

‘After education I would love to work in advertising or journalism but would ultimately love to be an author.  I think that the challenge really helped me to get my head around the stages and the next steps to getting onto this path, which was what I was really hoping to achieve at the beginning of this experience. I believe that the Brightside ARCC mentoring challenge helped me develop so many new skills and also let me experience a taster of school life in the future.’

Dr. Joanne Ooi, Mentor

‘It’s really great that this option exists, putting college or school kids in touch with working professionals. That is something I lacked when I was in school myself, I think it’s hard to reconcile the reality of a career you’re going into. It’s easy to say I want to go into medicine, I want to be a doctor, but I think it’s good to have someone actually doing it at the time to give you a real idea of what it’s like and a sense of getting there, including the challenges you will face getting there.’