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Brightside’s work is only possible with the dedication of our volunteers, who use their own skills and experience to help young people achieve their potential. Much as there’s no ‘typical’ young person, there’s no ‘typical’ volunteer either. We work with thousands of volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, and are always looking for more. Currently, we are recruiting for the following roles:

Online Mentor – Our first volunteer role and how most volunteers start with us. You can develop mentoring relationships with young people via our online platform to help them make confident and informed decisions about their future.

Brightside run mentoring projects at three key points a year, in line with the academic terms in England. This means we cannot guarantee when you will be matched to a young person to start mentoring. While you wait, why not support us through one of our other roles?

Content Creator – You may have seen our resources for young people on Bright Knowledge. You can support us to keep our offer up to date and relevant by contributing new content.

Brightside Talks – These short online talks offer young people an insight into a whole range of subjects. You can share your own experience and expertise by presenting online.

Ask The Expert – Our young people want to hear from people with experience working in every sector. You can answer questions about your career path from the young people we work with.

If you’re already a volunteer and would like to find out more about opportunities to support us, please contact volunteering@brightside.org.uk

Our Child Protection Policy is available to read here.



My mentor was friendly, kind, helpful and really inspiring. She really helped when I said I had an upcoming audition and she really helped with questions they may ask me or questions I should ask myself before any other auditions that I may have in the future. She also helped with work experience that I could do or things that may help my future career.