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What volunteering roles are available at Brightside?

Volunteers support Brightside through four key roles. All of these roles take place remotely and fit flexibly to your own schedule:

PLEASE NOTE: Our non-mentoring roles are currently unavailable.

How do I sign up to volunteer with Brightside?

To get started, we ask you to register interest in our volunteering opportunities by signing up to our volunteer network. Once you’re a part of our volunteer network, we’ll invite you to relevant opportunities as they come up based on the roles you have expressed interest in.

Volunteering as an Online Mentor

We deliver our online mentoring for young people through fixed-length projects through the Brightside Online Mentoring Platform, which means that we allocate relevant volunteers from our network to each project as it starts. We’ll send you invitations to each of our mentoring projects that we think you’d be suitable for you, and you can decide which project you’d like to get to get involved with. Our mentoring projects range from 4 weeks to 4 months, and when project ends we’ll mark you as ready to take part in another one. We run our projects in collaboration with universities, schools and corporate organisations who will all require volunteers from different backgrounds for their different projects with us. The details that you sign-up to our network with will help us identify the right projects for you.

The majority of our online mentoring projects programmes run during UK term time, and so we allocate volunteers to project towards the end of each term ready for the next one. This means that if you sign up to volunteer with us between October-December, you will likely be allocated to a programme in January. We do our best to allocate you to a programme as soon as one becomes available, so keep an eye out for our e-mails!

Once you are taking part in an online mentoring programme, the time commitment is 1-2 hours a week for supporting up to three young people on our online mentoring platform. 

How does your online mentoring work?

 Our mentoring takes place on the text-based Brightside Mentoring Platform and is built to be flexible to both yours and your mentees’ schedules. As opposed to live chat or video calls, the text-based platform offers you the flexibility to structure your own conversations with your mentees based on your availability and other commitments. We ask that you always reply to your mentees within 3-4 days to keep up the momentum of the mentoring conversation and with the Brightside Mentoring App, our mentoring is available on the go at anytime that suits you.

Signing up to our network means you are eligible for any of our roles, though to be an online mentor you will need to complete a DBS check to make sure you can work with young people.

Our Child Protection Policy is available to read here.



My mentor was friendly, kind, helpful and really inspiring. She really helped when I said I had an upcoming audition and she really helped with questions they may ask me or questions I should ask myself before any other auditions that I may have in the future. She also helped with work experience that I could do or things that may help my future career.