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Please note, due to the current situation with Covid-19 we are experiencing unprecedented interest in our online volunteering roles. This is amazing! Please do continue to sign up to our network but be patient with us as we work through all of the incredible volunteers expressing interest in helping us achieve our mission- we will get back to you!

Brightside’s work is only possible with the dedication of our volunteers, who use their own skills and experience to help young people to make confident and informed decisions about the future. Our volunteers do this across four distinct roles:

All of Brightside’s volunteering opportunities (including volunteer inductions and training) are digital. This means that our volunteering is flexible, available from anywhere and can be tailored to your schedule.

To get started, we ask all of our volunteers to sign up to our volunteer network, from which we then recruit volunteers to different roles based on the needs of our young people. Once you’re part of the volunteer network, you’ll be invited to a Volunteer Network Induction to learn more about how volunteering works at Brightside.

For our Online Mentoring, Brightside works on a project by project basis with partners, which means we recruit the most relevant volunteers for our projects based on the need we need to fill to support our beneficiaries. For example, we may run an engineering based project and so would look to the relevant volunteers in our network to be mentors. This means that we cannot guarantee that when you sign up to be a digital mentor you will be allocated to a project immediately- there may be a wait depending on our programme needs and the time of year (mentoring programmes are often linked to academic terms in England).

Signing up to our network means you are eligible for any of our roles, though to be a digital mentor you will need to complete a DBS check to make sure you can work with young people.

Our Child Protection Policy is available to read here.



My mentor was friendly, kind, helpful and really inspiring. She really helped when I said I had an upcoming audition and she really helped with questions they may ask me or questions I should ask myself before any other auditions that I may have in the future. She also helped with work experience that I could do or things that may help my future career.