What We Do

Brightside wants to make sure that every young person has the right support and information to achieve their ambitions.

We use our years of experience as the UK’s leading social enterprise for online mentoring to help organisations identify, reach and inspire young people. We find and train the best mentors, connect them with young people, and support them as they work together through our award-winning online programmes. Our mentoring introduces young people to opportunities from employers and universities so they can develop the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed. Our mentors get the satisfaction of making a real, positive difference to somebody else’s life.

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Case study man

Case Study

Greater Manchester Higher

White males from working class backgrounds are the group least likely to go to university, and increasing their progress to higher education has been made a government priority. Brightside’s project with Greater Manchester Higher aimed to raise the aspirations and confidence of white males in Year 10, by giving them information and support to enable them to make confident and informed decisions about their future. Mentees from target schools in the Greater Manchester region were matched with industry mentors, who acted as positive role models for mentees and provided 1:1 support to build their confidence and help them to think about their future goals and their next steps. Building on this successful collaboration, GM Higher is now working with Brightside on a Sector Insight programme introducing young people to different careers.