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What we do

We connect young people with inspiring mentors to help them make confident and informed decisions about their future.

We are pioneers in online mentoring with more than twenty years’ experience of using technology to have a positive impact on young people.

Why we do it

People in professional jobs, privileged vs working class

62% of people in professional jobs in England are from privileged backgrounds, compared to 39% from working class backgrounds.

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The most advantaged pupils were more than twice as likely to go to HE than the most disadvantaged pupils in the UK. (source)

How it works

We design and run programmes, recruit and train volunteers, and facilitate meaningful conversations between mentors and mentees.

We collaborate with partners (including schools and employers) to deliver mentoring programmes through our safeguarded app and platform.

Mentee stories

Elisha’s story

My GCSEs were during the pandemic, so when it came to sit my A Levels, I hadn’t done exams before. It was really stressful. But thankfully, my Brightside mentor gave me lots of good advice. He was reassuring and told me to sit for a minute then do the best I could.  

Daniel’s story

I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do after GCSE and I had no idea where to start. I was interested in aviation, zoology and conservation but after that I was lost. I didn’t know if you needed a degree or an apprenticeship and I wasn’t sure which path to choose. Mentoring was a very useful tool to help with this; it gave me a push to start looking at new things.

Aliza’s story

Mentoring was so important for me, especially during a lockdown where you only see the people you already know. You get to connect with someone you’d never speak to outside of school and that’s really important because it forces you out of your comfort zone.

Divleen’s story

I’m now a total nerd about mentoring. I talk about it all the time! 

Rano’s story

I knew I wanted to be a lawyer but I was concerned about the workload. My mentor was a working lawyer, so not only gave me advice about my UCAS application and interview questions, but also reassured me that you don’t need to overwork yourself to be successful. He told me about his personal experience of finding balance and saying no, and reminded me how important enjoying your free time is.

Matas’s story

Online mentoring changed my life. I wouldn’t have been successful in getting my law apprenticeship if it hadn’t been for Gareth, my mentor.  

We turned to Brightside because they’re well known in the mentoring field for their online intervention. With their strong focus on safeguarding and their platform’s content library of study skills, they were exactly what we were looking for.

Education Liaison and Outreach Manager at Middlesex University

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