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Brightside delivers online mentoring through meaningful partnerships with mission-aligned organisations across a range of sectors.

We have the experience and expertise to develop, design and run high-quality and high-impact mentoring programmes that match the mission, aims and objectives of the partners we work with. 

Over the last 20 years, have worked with hundreds of different organisations to develop brand new programmes as well as programmes that complement and maximise the impact of their existing work, and provided mentors to over one hundred thousand young people.

What you'll gain

Our support

We proactively share best practice, we’re always available to answer questions and provide advice and resources. We support our partners to improve the engagement and impact of their programmes because having a positive impact on young people is incredibly important to us

Our expertise

We run programmes in a huge variety of different sectors, with different aims and different groups of young people across the country. We have the expertise to manage successful programmes, ensuring we tailor each programme to the needs of our partners, young people and mentors

Our technology

Our bespoke platform and app include our fully secure and moderated messaging system and bespoke resources about education and careers from Brightside’s resource library, and are fully accessible from any device allowing you to work at scale in any location

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Who we work with

We are firm believers in the power of collaboration, and work with like-minded organisations who share our mission to help young people.

We work with over 65 different organisations across the UK to have a real impact on young people’s lives.

Anyone thinking of mentoring should absolutely go for it; I was worried I wouldn’t have a lot to offer but you always have more to offer than you think. It isn’t about knowing all the answers, it’s about being a sounding board and coming up with a solution together. The impact you can have on someone’s life is huge.

Eleanor, mentor

We turned to Brightside because they’re well known in the mentoring field for their online intervention. With their strong focus on safeguarding and their platform’s content library of study skills, they were exactly what we were looking for.

Education Liaison and Outreach Manager at Middlesex University

My mentor was a reassuring voice. I loved that he'd taken the steps I wanted to take and I had the opportunity to hear his words of wisdom.

Simran, Mentee

I had a great experience on this project. I thought the Brightside platform was very, very good for an online mentoring experience. I expected it to be a bit dry but it wasn’t; you could access it on the phone or the mac and it was all seamless.

Steve, Mentor

I’d recommend mentoring to anyone: I’ve already got my brother involved. Sharing your knowledge can make a big impact on a person’s life.

Olivia, Mentor

The Brightside team are amazing. Any time we had questions or concerns, they were so supportive.

Deputy Head of Widening Participation at the University of Cambridge

I found mentoring to be a positive experience: it made me feel more confident and it was really rewarding. I loved feeling like I was making a difference.

Laura, Mentor