Below you can see all of our upcoming events, as well as slides and recordings (where available) for previous Brightside events.

Evidence-led mentoring: using data to understand and increase impact (webinar)

Date: 10th December 2021, 10:30am-11:45am (Zoom)


In this webinar, speakers from Brightside and TASO will be sharing insights from current projects all about how we can use data and evidence to inform and develop our mentoring practice.

The webinar aims to prompt discussion and reflection around making data-driven decisions when it comes to designing and delivering mentoring programmes. We warmly invite delivery and impact colleagues in the mentoring space, across HE, business and the third sector to join the discussion.

1. Understanding the mentee: how Brightside is using an Aspirations Survey to understand the needs of young people within our growing Schools Network

2. Quality of mentoring: what Brightside learned through a DataDive with DataKind UK

3. Impact of mentoring: TASO will share an update on their Multi-intervention outreach and mentoring project (MIOM) and plans for supporting outreach providers to design and deliver impactful mentoring programmes

Each presentation will be followed by 5-10 mins Q&A with attendees.

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