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Statement from social mobility charity CEOs in response to proposals for changes to higher education funding.

22 Nov 2018
Brightside and other third sector organisations are calling on the government to protect widening participation work.

New partnership will give more support for our former mentees

16 Nov 2018
Brightside will be collaborating with Bright Network to provide careers advice and guidance to our mentees that go on to higher education.

15th anniversary impact report

09 Nov 2018
We are proud to present our new report, which marks the milestone of Brightside supporting over 100,000 young people since 2003. 

Brightside turns 15!

24 Oct 2018
Join us at Imperial College, London on the evening of Thursday 8th November to celebrate the stories of some of the 100,000 young people we’ve supported over 15 years.

Fair Education Alliance Report 2018

07 Sep 2018
Brightside is part of the Fair Education Alliance, a coalition of over 100 organisations working together to eradicate educational disadvantage. The FEA's fourth annual report shows the progress made in the past year.

Working together: National Collaborative Outreach Programme and Brightside

15 Aug 2018
Brightside is working with 19 consortia in the National Collaborative Outreach Programme. Our new report describes our approach to our NCOP projects, themes and challenges that have emerged, and areas of focus for the future.

Brightside at Harvard: Very long days; very short weeks

29 Jul 2018
Following his course at Harvard, Brightside's Chief Executive Anand Shukla has been on a whistlestop tour to discuss shared goals and challenges with social mobility organisations in the US.

Brightside at Harvard: Hope may not be a strategy. But it is an asset.

23 Jul 2018
Anand Shukla, Brightside's Chief Executive, reveals how having a clear sense of purpose is a core theme of the Harvard Business School course on Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management.

Brightside at Harvard: An inspiring intellectual feast

18 Jul 2018
Anand Shukla, Brightside’s Chief Executive, reports back from the Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management course at Harvard Business School on the insights on leadership and impact gained so far.

Brightside at Harvard: What we want to learn

12 Jul 2018
Anand Shukla, Brightside’s Chief Executive, has been sponsored by the Harvard Business School Alumni Club of London to attend the Harvard Business School course Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management. Here he sets out what he hopes to bring back to Brightside.

Manifesto for the Director of Fair Access & Participation: Conclusion

06 Jun 2018
Dr. Diana Beech of HEPI sums up the recommendations for improving widening access in our joint report and proposes a path for how they can lead to a higher education system truly open to everyone.

Manifesto for the Director of Fair Access & Participation 35: Helen Smith, AGCAS

06 Jun 2018
Unpaid internships and work experiences should be paid and openly advertised to equal access and increase social mobility.
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