Theory of Change

Academic research shows that mentoring helps young people develop the confidence, knowledge and soft skills they need to succeed in their education and careers.

By giving young people from all backgrounds access to networks of advice and support, mentoring also drives social mobility.

Our Theory of Change shows that online mentoring helps young people to make confident and informed decisions by developing:

Our Theory of Change is based on an extensive review of evidence, consultation with mentoring experts, our own lessons from many years of delivery, and – most importantly – input from young people, their mentors and our partners.

We have developed quality and impact frameworks to measure these outcomes for young people. We use scales which are tried and tested by respected organisations, and those which are academically verified, to ensure our evaluations are consistent and robust. This means we can constantly review and improve our work’s impact.


Professor Tristram Hooley, Director of Research, Careers and Enterprise Company

Brightside are one of the leading careers organisations and they have always had a strong commitment to evidence and evaluation. It is really exciting to see them taking this to the next level with the publication of their Theory of Change.