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Our partners

Each year, we collaborate with more than 65 different organisations, including universities, employers, charities and schools, to run a wide variety of high-impact and high-quality mentoring programmes across the UK.

Here are a selection of the partners we work with to help achieve our mission:

Middlesex University

During the pandemic, we were delighted to partner with Middlesex University after they decided they needed an online mentoring programme that was tried and tested, and turned to Brightside because of our reputation within the sector. 

The programme, which worked with 27 students from City and Islington Sixth Form college, was focused on improving students’ study skills as the college had identified this as being a key area of learning loss for their students.

The programme was a real success with an average of seven hours of engagement per mentee, sending an average of 27 messages to their mentor, and 100% of survey respondents saying they had more confidence following the programme. 70% also said they built an excellent relationship with a mentor that they could really relate to, which was crucial at a time when increasing numbers of students were approaching Middlesex for social support than ever before. The programme was even recognised with an award from the Sixth Form College Association for independent learning in 2021.

Jack Du Pille, Education Liaison and Outreach Manager at Middlesex University, said of the programme:

As our school’s careers champion, I’ve really enjoyed working with Brightside, seeing our pupils’ faces light up when they have found a mentor or the endless possibilities they see in their futures. It’s like a big weight has been lifted as they can envisage a pathway for themselves.

Carmit Levita, Careers Lead and Teacher at Oasis Academy Mayfield

Want to join these partners?

We receive brilliant feedback from the organisations we work with and we’re always looking to work with new organisations who share our mission and who want to have a positive impact on young people. 

If that sounds like you, then get in touch so that we can arrange a virtual meeting.