Becoming a Partner

Online mentoring is ideal for helping young people in many different ways, such as raising aspirations in school, supporting students in higher education, providing insights into careers, and learning skills for work.

We work closely with our partners to design the structure, timeline and content of our projects, based on our mentoring expertise and the specific requirements of the young people we are supporting.

Find out more about online mentoring and our different projects for:

To discuss setting up an online mentoring project and our prices, get in touch with Nick Wells on 0203 096 8120 or

Brightside offers the following to our partners:

Online mentoring platform

Mentees and mentors have full access to Brightside’s online mentoring platform, allowing them to communicate whenever and wherever is most convenient to them. Designed in collaboration with our users and partners to ensure it meets their needs, the online platform features:

The platform is fully mobile-compliant, and accessible via any internet-enabled device, including through Brightside’s iOS app. It can also be customised with your organisation’s branding.


Child protection and the safety of all our users is Brightside’s top priority. We have strict practices in place to ensure everyone using the mentoring platform has a safe and enjoyable experience:


Mentors and mentees will receive training from Brightside, which can be delivered either face-to-face or via webinar. Training covers:

Alternatively, Brightside can support your staff and provide materials so they can deliver training themselves.

Coordination and recruitment

Partners are assigned a Brightside coordinator as a single point of contact who will provide:

In addition, Brightside can also provide further coordination support including:


Brightside’s mentoring is based on our Theory of Change, which identifies the key outcomes young people need to develop to make confident and informed decisions about their future:

We use robust evaluation frameworks to collect qualitative and quantitative data measuring young people’s progress towards these outcomes. We also work with our partners to identify and evaluate any other particular objectives of individual projects e.g increased awareness of certain careers or improved study skills.

We can combine this with engagement data in a written report for partners, which provides solid evidence of a project’s impact on beneficiaries, and contains recommendations for how projects can be refined. This enables partners to understand how a project has met their aims, and demonstrate ROI to funders.



I wanted to do medicine but I didn’t know whether I was capable of doing it, and I think hearing it from someone who’s been around people who are wanting to do what I want to do, and who’s in the same profession that I want to do, hearing it from someone like that was really helpful and really encouraged me to just go for it.