Becoming a Partner

Mentoring is ideal for helping young people in many different ways, such as raising aspirations in school, supporting students in higher education, providing insights into careers, and learning skills for work.

Online mentoring also provides a flexible and engaging volunteering opportunity for mentors. Our unique platform is a cost effective way to overcome the time and geographical limitations often present in face-to-face mentoring. A recent evaluation of our mentoring showed that over 87% of mentees agreed or strongly agreed that they felt more able to access support through an online mentor than through a face to face mentor.

We work closely with our partners to design the structure, timeline and content of our projects, based on our mentoring expertise and the specific requirements of the young people we are supporting.

Brightside’s online mentoring projects are designed around our Theory of Change and linked to our online resources, described by Career Companion as “Truly immense. Probably the nearest thing to a one-stop shop for all things education and career-related.”

Our platform was designed in consultation with over 150 young people, mentors and partners. As well as being beautifully designed and quick, the platform is:

All our partners have their own dedicated Brightside co-ordinator, who provides personal support every step of the way from recruiting and training mentees and mentors, through driving engagement and monitoring, to evaluation. We can also offer you advice on refining and expanding your mentoring programme.

To find out more about setting up an online mentoring project and our prices, get in touch with Alex Reilly on 0203 096 8127 or

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Tihesia, mentee

'I wanted to do medicine but I didn’t know whether I was capable of doing it, and I think hearing it from someone who’s been around people who are wanting to do what I want to do, and who’s in the same profession that I want to do, hearing it from someone like that was really helpful and really encouraged me to just go for it.'