Youth Board takeover: Emma’s experience of mentoring

Youth Board takeover: Emma’s experience of mentoring

Even applying for a job is a job. Having a mentor that I could discuss interviews and CVs was a massive help.

Knowing how to format my CV and how to navigate interviews gave me a lot more confidence.  I can now showcase my experience as I’ve learned all about competencies and the STAR technique.

At first, I didn’t even know what the STAR technique was, let alone FCMG and KPIs. It can get very overwhelming very quickly when you’re reading through so many articles and websites on internships.  

During my first and second years at university, I have been really fortunate to be mentored by senior professionals from companies like Deliveroo and OVO which have helped me get more of an idea of the workplace and the steps I can take to get an internship; 

 It’s also given me a lot more confidence in interviews, and a better understanding of what roles and functions are in a business. 

Through some of the mentoring programmes I’ve been on, I’ve had the opportunity to visit the offices and participate in challenges similar to those in the world of business. This has also enabled me to meet like-minded individuals and put this knowledge into practice. Just by seeing an office, it gave me an insight as to where the work actually happens so I could have something to visualise.  

It has helped me to recognise my skill set, learn more about industries and roles which I had nearly really considered before, and know how to get there. 

This has really encouraged me to give back and open doors for the people coming after me such as getting involved in the Brightside Youth Board and as a mentor on Zero Gravity.

A massive thank you to the team at the Aleto Foundation, BelEve, Circl and FastFutures and to everyone who has helped and continues to support me. 

I thankfully now know about KPIs and the star technique which will hopefully stand me in good stead when I start applying for internships!

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